Business Restructuring

There are times when a business needs a fresh perspective and must change in order to be successful. Often you need the support of a trusted partner that will behave like a business owner – respectful, prudent, and determined. As a three time national award winner in the turnaround industry and with a reputation built on repeatedly creating value for businesses at any stage whether in crisis, early distress, or stable and profitable, JC Jones is that partner.  At JC Jones we understand that there is no one size fits all solution.  It is our ability to tailor our approach to the unique needs of the culture, owners and environment in each situation coupled with our years of experience that enables us to deliver superior results time after time.  

We use only senior business and consulting professionals many of whom are Certified Turnaround Professionals, accredited through the Turnaround Management Association.  We are experts in all aspects of the turnaround field and understand the high energy, focus and resourcefulness that is required to successfully deal with the volatile and variable business conditions encountered by any organization that is in stress.  JC Jones has a proven track record of maximizing value for our clients by responding quickly and forcefully with appropriate actions, always with the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and competence.

For a discussion of how you can immerse our experts in your business, see what isn’t working, rethink it, and set a new course, contact us, or call (585) 899-4072 today.

Extra   Paper Mill Article

Click on this image to view the Rochester Business Journal article detailing the Turnaround Management Association 2005 Turnaround of the Year