IT Health Check

Is your IT Organization in good health? Ask JC Jones for an IT Health Check.

IT Health CheckAre you wrestling with questions and concerns about your IT capabilities?

  • Are there IT issues impacting the company operations?
  • Does IT support your changing and growing business?
  • Do you make competitive use of technology? E.g.  Cloud Computing?
  • Are you comfortable with the cost and the benefit of your IT services?
  • Are current IT initiatives properly managed (on time; on budget)?

JC Jones' IT Health Check provides answers to these questions and more. We quickly and thoroughly validate the alignment of IT with the business. Our focus is People, Process and Technology. We deliver clear, concise findings with appropriate and actionable recommendations. Our assessments are completed in days, not weeks!

For a confidential discussion of your company’s situation, contact us, or call (585) 899-4072 today.