IT Systems Selection & Implementation

IT Systems SelectionIs your organization considering new software? Whether enterprise-wide or a business specific application, JC Jones has successfully led clients through the software selection and implementation process. Our over-arching goal is to make sure your business requirements are met within an implementation framework that ensures deployment on time and on budget.   

Why clients hire JC Jones for strategic application software initiatives:

  • Experienced assistance for a project that is not a routine event for organizations
  • Our methodology ensures proposed solutions match business needs
  • A need to manage software vendor(s):
    • Communications
    • Negotiations and planning
  • Manage significant costs - we save time and money
    • Negotiated costs for software & implementation (competitive process)
    • Limit customization and avoid associated added costs (solution fits)
  • Provide implementation support
    • Experienced project management to bring focus
    • Flexible resources to supplement implementation teams

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