The Client-Consultant Relationship

The relationship we have with our clients is of paramount importance to JC Jones.  We believe that a key element of our success is our ability to face the difficult challenges of our clients as their partner rather than merely as a vendor.  Simply put, there is no replacement for good old fashioned teamwork between advisor and client.  The combined the experience, expertise, energy and drive of the team adds up to a powerful tool that can make very good things happen. 

To this end we:

    • Work to make our client sponsor visibly successful
    • Build and rely on strong partnerships with key client personnel
    • Practice a work style which elevates the skill set of the organization
    • Employ situational leadership styles – adapting from highly visible and authoritative catalyst to the quiet leader

For a discussion of how you can immerse our experts in your business, see what isn’t working, rethink it, and set a new course, contact us, or call (585) 899-4072 today.