JC Jones Management Consulting Services

JC Jones provides a diverse spectrum of services which focus on the people, process and technology issues that can be barriers to business performance.  We help our clients pinpoint the areas of their business that require the most help, and then help them develop and implement a comprehensive plan to fix the problems.  Our highly experienced professionals are passionate about delivering change to improve performance, minimize risk, and ensure compliance.

The typical engagement:

What we find 

  • Challenging  cross functional issues and opportunities with a history of failed attempts to fix or address

How we do it 

  • Experience based solutions using a phased approach
  • A solid partnership with a strong and motivated internal sponsor
  • Strong working relationships with client personnel that leverage the combined skills, knowledge and perspectives

What we deliver

  • Permanent fix
  • High Value – substantial Return on Client Investment (ROCI)

To learn more about our specific services explore the links to the left or contact us directly - contact us or (585) 899-4072.