Crisis Management Consulting

Crisis ManagementWhen profits are nonexistent, cash is tight, customer value is in jeopardy and you are constantly “fighting fires” adding the right active partner is critical. JC Jones is that partner referred by bankers, attorneys and clients to assist organizations in all aspects – removing barriers and prioritizing focus. When a company is in crisis the one asset that is almost as scarce as cash is time. Management does not have the choice to focus on the business at hand but must pursue cash flow and manage creditors of all types. 

We assist by neutralizing cash flow and quickly identifying and resolving issues in critical areas to stabilize the company.  This frees management to assess business conditions and consider alternatives.  Modification to the business model as affected by personnel, processes and technology must be addressed to fortify and focus on the company’s core competencies to achieve sustained improvement and success. 

Our crisis management abilities inlcude: 

    • Viability Analysis – assess the time and resources available to effect change and develop and implement stabilizing actions
    • Alternatives Consulting and Support – design and implement crisis management plans

For a discussion of how you can immerse our experts in your business, see what isn’t working, rethink it, and set a new course, contact us, or call (585) 899-4072 today.