Enterprise Risk Management

Every entity, whether for-profit or not, exists to realize value for its stakeholders.  Because value is created, preserved, or eroded by management decisions in all activities, from setting strategy to operating the enterprise day-to-day, it is critical to identify and properly evaluate all sources of potential risk to help decrease the probability that an unexpected event may significantly Impact enterprise value. 

ERM supports value creation by enabling management to:

    • Deal effectively with potential future events that create uncertainty.
    • Respond in a manner that reduces the likelihood of downside outcomes and increases the upside. 

JC Jones offers Risk Management services to ensure an entity incorporates risk evaluation as part of developing and executing its strategy.  Working with management we design processes that can help to identify potential events that may affect the entity, and manage risks to be within its risk appetite.  This increases the likelihood that an entity is able to achieve its overall objectives. 

    • ERM – Risk Assessment and Prioritization
    • ERM  – Reducing Risk Levels 
    • ERM –  Performance Measurement & Monitoring Tools
    • Internal Control Environment Assessments

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