Internal Audit Management Software

Collaboration portals have come of age and now offer basic functionality that, if well developed, can support an efficient management of Internal Audit.  Most Audit and Risk Management software on the market today share the same shortcomings:

    • High cost of ownership
    • Limited functionality
    • Need for substantial training
    • Inflexible approach 

JC Jones has combined their expertise in Internal Audit with Microsoft SharePoint®’s collaboration portal capabilities and developed a world class Internal Audit Management application.   This application has a proven track record in meeting the ever increasing challenges facing today’s Internal Audit functions.  The JC Jones approach provides an efficient, cost effective, flexible solution that takes Internal Audit to the next level.

    • Document Repository (Version Control)
    • Planning and Budgeting
    • Staffing and Scheduling
    • Full Integration with Outlook (Email Calendar Tasks)
    • Issue Tracking

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