IT General Controls

IT General ControlsInformation systems and technology are the pervasive tools all organizations leverage to achieve business results more efficiently.  Given the systemic nature of information systems and the heavy organizational reliance on technology, having well controlled and secure systems is imperative to achieve successful results. 

At JC Jones, risk based focus on information systems and technology is core to our strategy. Our professionals are trained in computer aided audit techniques (CAAT) such as ACL and Microsoft Access.  Continuous audit strategies and increased transactional audit coverage are possible through the proper use of technology.                                                    

Information Systems & Technology Assessments - Audits of enterprise and legacy information systems:

    • IT General Controls – change management controls, security/system access & data recovery
    • Application level audits – user controls, data integrity, conversion protocols
    • Security audits – vulnerability testing, system architecture reviews
    • IT (pre-implementation) Readiness Assessment
    • COBIT Assessments
    • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Assessments

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