Profit Improvement Consulting Services

The Keys to Improving Profitability in Business are Focus, Expertise, Control, and Timely Information

The keys to accelerating success in business are focus, expertise, control, and timely information. JC Jones helps clients in the public, private, government and tax-exempt sectors improve profits and performance in a variety of different ways.  We can help you quickly and completely find and fix the problems, transition your culture, capture opportunities or optimize your business processes.

A sample of our offerings and abilities:   

  • profitability and cash flow consultantProject Management for Performance Improvement
  • Refinancing and Recapitalization
  • Process Reengineering and Design
  • Price Enhancement/Optimization
  • Cable TV Soft Cost Capitalization - FAS 51 Processes
  • Strategic Planning and Management
  • Business Assessment and Improvement Planning
  • Organizational Development and Restructuring

For a discussion of how you can immerse our experts in your business, see what isn’t working, rethink it, and set a new course, contact us, or call (585) 899-4072 today.