Strategic Planning and Management

A Value Based Approach to Business Strategy and Repositioning

JC Jones understands that strategic planning and management must be a critical part of every company’s business process in order to compete effectively and maximize company value and profitability.

We believe that the timing, frequency and depth of strategic planning depends on the nature of your business, market dynamics, and the willingness of owners, management and other stakeholders to take charge of the company’s future.

We employ a hands-on, fact based approach that combines key aspects of a performance improvement assessment and an award winning strategic planning process. Working with a core planning team, we bring the following discipline to our strategic planning engagements:

  • Assessment – past efforts, current environment, key business processes
  • Goals and Process: plan ownership,  stakeholder responsibilities, metrics, schedule
  • Issues and Initiatives: positioning, strategies, tactics, communications
  • Execution: alignment  of key metrics, strategic objectives,  and organizational behavior

We measure success using a Return on Client Investment performance indicator, and always strive to provide value well in excess of fees.

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