Strategic Pricing for Revenue Enhancement

Increase Cash Flow with Strategic Price Increases Not More Cost Cutting

Experience shows that a well planned and executed price revenue enhancement program can stem the tidal wave of cost cutting, and provide significant cash inflows to your organization without consuming that same cash building inventory.

The profit and performance consultants at JC Jones work with companies of all sizes to pinpoint opportunities for revenue enhancement and continually increasing gross margin by strategically adjusting prices up or down, product by product and customer by customer.

Our approach to pricing strategy involves understanding your customers, products, and competitors at a detailed level. We conduct a detailed analysis by customer and product, and prepare strategic price increase recommendations that identify:

  • Products that  cannot be price-adjusted without impacting sales volume to the point of negating the gain from margin improvements
  • Products representing opportunities for price increases without impacting sales volume

Starting with a confidential discussion of your situation, we’ll roll up our sleeves and deliver the people, processes and technology to optimize the pricing of your products or services. Call us at 877-899-4072, or contact us here.