Key Benefits of Using a “Value Based Management” Approach for Your Next Strategic Plan

August 23, 2018

Without a well-designed and current strategic plan for your business, you’re not moving ahead. That’s deadly in the business world today, with the business environment changing at lightning speed and new business models emerging. Coasting along with yesterday’s plan is…

The Best Management Consulting Advice Ever Assembled?

November 6, 2012

21 Leaders and Luminaries Speak Up on Wisdom That Got Them to Where They Are Author: Matt Lumia I was really intrigued by an article in the last issue of Fortune Magazine titled “The Best Advice I Ever Got”. (Fortune,…

Develop a Customized Succession Plan Based on Facts, Not Assumptions

October 15, 2012

A Business Valuation is Key for Drawing  a Roadmap Based on Reality for Your Exit Plan Author: Matt Lumia “The majority of baby-boomer wealth is held in 12 million privately owned businesses, of which more than 70% are expected to…


Family Business Value Drivers

October 8, 2012

Four Ways to Increase Value By Decreasing Risk Author: Matt Lumia Whether your plan is to sell your company on the open market, to management, transfer it to your children or even launch an IPO, the ultimate goal is to improve…


Six Keys for Making Your ERP System Implementation a HUGE Success

October 2, 2012

Successful ERP Implementation Requires Commitment from Management, Team, Vendors Author: Matt Smith Now that you’ve made a decision to implement a new ERP system for your business, your approach and processes for implementing the system are critical to its success.  The implementation process…

The Heart of Successful Strategic Planning

The Heart of Successful Strategic Planning

September 18, 2012

Allocate Resources to Turn Plans into Reality Author: Jack Canty When strategic plans fail, it is typically because of faulty execution. Does this sound familiar? Acme Inc.’s executive leadership convenes for their year-end strategic planning retreat, and they agree on three key initiatives…

Secrets of a Fact-Based Strategic Planner (Part 2)

Secrets of a Fact-Based Strategic Planner (Part 2)

September 10, 2012

Know Your Competitive Position Author: Jack Canty Be honest with yourself: Is your product or service truly better than your competitors’? After understanding your markets, knowing your competitive position is the next most important step to maximizing company value. There are really…

Don’t Let Your Merger or Acquisition Crash and Burn

Don’t Let Your Merger or Acquisition Crash and Burn

September 4, 2012

Five Essential Duties of a CFO to Successfully Integrate a Merger or Acquisition Author: Bob Baker As a CFO, when your company does a merger or acquisition, you probably feel like you’re at the eye of the storm. While you’re immersed…

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