Cybersecurity is top-of-mind for virtually all organizations. Preemptively evaluating Cybersecurity risk exposure at the enterprise level is critical. This is more than just an IT concern. Every day in the news there are stories about companies being breached by nation states, hacktivists, organized crime, insiders and competitors.

Let the IT Security experts at JC Jones help your organization improve its overall Cybersecurity posture and control cyber risks.

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Cybersecurity Program from JC Jones
Do You Know Where Your IT Risks Are?

Companies must evolve to address changing technologies, such as mobility, unstructured data, social media, and cloud computing that expand the network edge, and the attack surface adversaries could exploit.

JC Jones Cybersecurity Services

Governance and Risk Assessments

Design and evaluate the structure and oversight of the entity’s Cybersecurity risk management program and common security framework.

Cybersecurity Controls

Design and evaluate the processes and controls that managed Cybersecurity risk exposures, including system security settings, policy and standards reviews, IT general controls, and mobile computing.

Cyber Health Check

One-off or periodic health check against critical cybersecurity controls for companies that don’t want to incur the expense and labor requirements required for a more exhaustive framework like NIST or ISO.

Regulatory and Compliance

Assist client to assess corporate cyber disclosure compliance structures, processes and controls against leading practices.

Attack and Penetration Assessments

Assessment of Company’s perimeter and systems in an attempt to proactively breach vulnerabilities to identify gaps for remediation.

Sustainable Cyber Defenses

Cybersecurity is a business issue that exceeds the boundaries of IT and needs to be managed with as much discipline as financial risk.

JC Jones is a premier business partner helping companies realize the value of Cybersecurity by:

  • Identifying the real risks, the most important information and the threat exposure
  • Protect what matters most through strategy and processes balancing existing and emerging threats
  • Optimize for business performance, aligning security needs across the organization and balancing security spend
  • Sustain an enterprise program, establishing good governance and security practices and measuring performance
Sustainable Cyber Defenses

By 2020 there will be 200 billion connected devices around the world. Any connected device, from mobile devices to smart homes to connected factories, are vulnerable to cyber attack and must be protected and monitored.

Existing Cybersecurity Threats (a limited list)

Social and Email Phishing

Target: Individual Users

Purpose: Use fake social profiles and email addresses to build trust and/or gather pre-attack intelligence

Malware, Zero-Day and Botnets

Target: Endpoint systems and servers

Purpose: Obtain access to systems, create backdoors, and establish command-and-control over large network of devices

Passwords and Configs

Target: Endpoint Systems and Servers

Purpose: Initial penetration, expansion of reach and escalation of privileges

Distributed Denial of Service

Target: Network and application infrastructure

Purpose: Cause operational disruption and create a diversion for other attacks

Smart and Mobile Hacking

Target: Smart devices, mobile devices and embedded services

Purpose: Gain access to user data through vulnerable mobile OS and apps via this new attack surface and entry point to enterprise networks

SQL¹ Injection

Target: Database servers

Purpose: Obtain sensitive account and user credentials, and steal sensitive data.

Data Analytics and IT Services: Areas of Expertise

Interim IT Management BigInterim IT Management
Master Analytics IT BigData Analytics
IT Systems Selection Impl BigIT Systems Selection and Implementation
IT Security Cybersecurity BigCybersecurity
Interim IT Management

JC Jones offers interim assistance by providing a consultant with hands-on experience leading IT organizations.

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Data Analytics

JC Jones helps companies realize the value of Data Analytics by going beyond individual data analytics projects and preparing organizations to better manage their data, develop internal talent for business intelligence, and provide ongoing guidance on the latest techniques in business analytics and data science.

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IT Systems Selection and Implementation

JC Jones works with our clients to identify, purchase and implement IT systems that make businesses run more efficiently.

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Taking cybersecurity seriously is an imperative for every organization in this day and age. Partner with a team of IT security experts and take a proactive approach to protecting your organization's critical digital assets.

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