Data Analytics

Data Analytics allows us to extract patterns, trends and insights from data and convert them into actionable insights for our clients. New technologies enable us to access, match, and prepare data sets from diverse sources – located inside and outside the company. This combined with traditional statistics and machine learning techniques allow us to create business intelligence for compliance, forensic analysis and business improvement.

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Using Data to Make Business Decisions

  • Regulatory and Compliance

    Comprehensive Data Analytics to assess compliance with internal and external policies relating to auditing, safety inspection, training, and federal and state regulations.

  • Improving Performance

    Advanced analytics modeling to evaluate and improve business decisions. Examples include labor planning, advertising, expense reduction, and asset maintenance.

  • Optimizing Marketing Campaigns

    Evaluate & recommend marketing strategies using data from social media to assess effectiveness of advertisements, attribution analysis and planning.

  • Forensic Auditing

    Machine learning techniques to detect anomalies and unusual patterns in all transaction data such as procurement card, travel & entertainment expenses, and cash disbursements – combined with non-traditional data such as vendor descriptions.

Technologies and Advanced Data Analytics Capabilities

  • Statistical Analysis Using R

    Box and Whisker Plots
    Outlier Detection
    Distribution Analysis

  • Data Cleaning & Preparation

    Data Extraction – R/Python/SQL
    Fuzzy & Probabilistic Text Matching

  • Data Visualization

    Identify Patterns and Trends
    Explain Business Situations
    Evaluate Business Opportunities
    Conduct What-If Analysis

advanced data analytics dashboard
  • Econometrics and Business Analytics

    Understanding the business process behind the data
    Modeling managerial decision-making
    Constrained optimization

  • Predictive Analytics

    Neural Networks
    Tree Models
    Support Vector Machine

Data Analytics and IT Services: Areas of Expertise

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Master Analytics IT BigData Analytics
IT Systems Selection Impl BigIT Systems Selection and Implementation
IT Security Cybersecurity BigCybersecurity
Interim IT Management

JC Jones offers interim assistance by providing a consultant with hands-on experience leading IT organizations.

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Data Analytics

JC Jones helps companies realize the value of Data Analytics by going beyond individual data analytics projects and preparing organizations to better manage their data, develop internal talent for business intelligence, and provide ongoing guidance on the latest techniques in business analytics and data science.

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IT Systems Selection and Implementation

JC Jones works with our clients to identify, purchase and implement IT systems that make businesses run more efficiently.

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Taking cybersecurity seriously is an imperative for every organization in this day and age. Partner with a team of IT security experts and take a proactive approach to protecting your organization's critical digital assets.

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