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Mergers and acquisitions often play a key role in a company’s overall strategy for enhancing stakeholder value. JC Jones’ M&A experience includes due diligence and post-merger integration services for multi-billion and multinational transactions. Our transaction support services extend to the other end of the spectrum where we package for sale businesses ranging from $1 million – $50 million.


Mergers and acquisitions often play a key role in a company’s overall strategy for enhancing stakeholder value. JC Jones’ M&A experience includes due diligence and post-merger integration services for multi-billion and multinational transactions. Our transaction support services extend to the other end of the spectrum where we package for sale businesses ranging from $1 – $50 million.

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How We Help

JC Jones & Associates partners with businesses to assist with all aspects of mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures.

  • Organizational Readiness – preparing the organization for a transaction
  • Buyer Advisory – identifying, evaluating, valuing, negotiating, financing and closing acquisition targets
  • Due Diligence – financial and operations assessments to provide early visibility to hidden synergies,
    opportunities, and risks
  • Business Integration – to fully achieve and exceed expected value from identified opportunities and ensure
    efficient transition and integration
  • Seller Advisory – the seller’s exclusive financial advisor for divesting a company, division, product line, or

Experience That Pays

Strategic Experience That Pays

Our heavy experienced‐based approach and emphasis on aggressive execution enable you to quickly evaluate strategic M&A opportunities and efficiently plan and execute the M&A objective.

Whether you require support to plan and execute an entire transaction or only assistance with certain steps, JC Jones brings you the experience and know‐how to help you maximize value.

We bring a wealth of financial, operational and information systems experience to augment your internal resources.  While traditional investment bankers focus on “doing the deal,” that only gets you to the integration starting line where most deals come apart.  JC Jones manages the entire process.

Preparing for Mergers and Acquisitions

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Most companies that want to grow through M&A transactions underestimate the effort required and are often ill prepared for success.   JC Jones knows what it takes and will help you be ready to realize the value you expect from M&A activates.

Our process begins with a client readiness assessment. Let JC Jones help you answer these questions and more. We will assess your M&A process and enhance your readiness by incorporating any missing components into a well integrated and comprehensive M&A process.

Client Readiness Assessment

  • What are your M&A criteria?
  • Do you have the internal processes, skill sets, resources and tools necessary to maximize value?
  • How do you handle transaction support, valuation, due diligence and negotiations?
  • Do you have a well defined business integration process to ensure synergies are realized?
  • How do you measure and evaluate success?

M&A Philosophy

Mergers and acquisition stats: 70 percent of global M&A activity is considered a failure for not achieving expected performance

Process and Organization Alignment are critical factors in successful merger and acquisition transactions enabling companies to maximize realized value.

Our research shows that over 70 percent of all M&A activity globally is considered a failure for not achieving expected performance.

The merging of two or more organizations is complex and risky. The most successful transactions follow a structured and disciplined approach, with clear strategic objectives, detailed implementation plans, and a relentless focus on timely and effective integration.

Following this approach is key to creating and capturing expected value. In its simplest form, an organizationally aligned framework will support a company’s M&A growth strategy.  JC Jones’ proven solution to help companies achieve Process and Organizational Alignment effectively supports a growth strategy that utilizes a strong M&A component.

M&A Support

The objective for all projects with JC Jones & Associates is for us to become your problem‐solving partner.   In your merger and acquisition support, our goal is to exceed your expectations by the greatest possible margin. Our focus, expertise and resources help elevate your business to a higher level of performance.  The consultants at JC Jones are experienced individuals with many years experience in business operations, finance and accounting, information systems, consulting and public accounting.

We have all sat on your side of the desk, experiencing and solving the problems you face today.  

More and more, mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures are key components of company business strategies.   Industry consolidation, diversification, increased market share, exit strategy, and technological change are only some of the reasons.  A well defined and disciplined process assures success in complex environments with ever changing dynamics and many possible pitfalls.

Profit and Performance Improvement: Areas of Expertise

Succession Planning BigSuccession Planning
Strategic Pricing BigRevenue Enhancement and Strategic Pricing
Strategic Planning and Manag BigStrategic Planning and Management
Mergers & Acquisitions BigMergers and Acquisitions
Business Restructuring BigBusiness Turnaround and Restructuring
Profit Improvement BigBusiness Process Reengineering
Working Capital Management BigWorking Capital Management
Higher Education Turnaround
Succession Planning

Privately held businesses are typically the largest asset and primary source of income for an owner or a family. JC Jones assists owners looking for an exit strategy, with the goal of converting their liquid, primary assets into cash.

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Revenue Enhancement and Strategic Pricing

Increase cash flow with strategic price increases, not more cost cutting

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Strategic Planning and Management

JC Jones understands that strategic planning and management must be a critical part of every company’s business process in order to compete effectively and maximize company value and profitability.

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Mergers and Acquisitions

From planning and executing transactions to timely and effective integration JC Jones brings experience and know how to help you drive greater value from your M&A activities.

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Business Turnaround and Restructuring

At JC Jones we understand that there is no one size fits all solution. It is our ability to tailor our approach to the unique needs of the culture, owners and environment in each situation coupled with our years of experience that enables us to deliver superior results.

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Business Process Reengineering

JC Jones helps clients in the public, private, government and non-profit businesses design and implement enhanced business processes. Integration of business processes with people and technology is critical.

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Working Capital Management

Working capital management can significantly enhance profitability for successful business or ensure cash solvency during troubled times.

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Higher Education Turnaround

Higher Education is an area of deep expertise for JC Jones. There is no one size fits all solution for college turnarounds; accordingly, we tailor our approach to the unique needs of your institution, stakeholders and environment. We possess the knowledge and experience to provide distressed colleges and universities with value-add advice and support.

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