Revenue Enhancement and Strategic Pricing

Experience shows that a well-conceived and executed price revenue enhancement action plan can stem the tidal wave of cost cutting, and provide significant cash inflows to your organization without consuming that same cash building inventory.

The profit and performance consultants at JC Jones work with companies of all sizes to pinpoint opportunities for revenue enhancement and continually increasing gross margin by strategically adjusting prices up or down, product by product and customer by customer.


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Improve Revenue and Profit with Strategic Pricing

  • Price Revenue Enhancement is all about understanding your customers, products, and competitors at a detailed level.

It requires detailed analysis by customer and product to identify:

  1. what products cannot be price-adjusted without impacting sales volume to the point of negating the gain from margin improvement
  2. what products are opportunities for price increases without impacting sales volume,
  3. building and implementing a plan to make it all happen.

The amount of analysis you need in your organization depends on the complexity of your business, products, pricing, customer buying patterns, channels, and the like. Depending on the complexity, the tools you need could vary from back-of-the-envelope calculations to spreadsheets to use of sophisticated and complex specialty software.

We conduct a detailed analysis by customer and product, and prepare strategic price increase recommendations that identify:

  1. Products that cannot be price-adjusted without impacting sales volume to the point of negating the gain from margin improvements
  2. Products representing opportunities for price increases without impacting sales volume
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Profit and Performance Improvement: Areas of Expertise

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Strategic Pricing BigRevenue Enhancement and Strategic Pricing
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Privately held businesses are typically the largest asset and primary source of income for an owner or a family. JC Jones assists owners looking for an exit strategy, with the goal of converting their liquid, primary assets into cash.

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Revenue Enhancement and Strategic Pricing

Increase cash flow with strategic price increases, not more cost cutting

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Strategic Planning and Management

JC Jones understands that strategic planning and management must be a critical part of every company’s business process in order to compete effectively and maximize company value and profitability.

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Mergers and Acquisitions

From planning and executing transactions to timely and effective integration JC Jones brings experience and know how to help you drive greater value from your M&A activities.

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Business Turnaround and Restructuring

At JC Jones we understand that there is no one size fits all solution. It is our ability to tailor our approach to the unique needs of the culture, owners and environment in each situation coupled with our years of experience that enables us to deliver superior results.

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Business Process Reengineering

JC Jones helps clients in the public, private, government and non-profit businesses design and implement enhanced business processes. Integration of business processes with people and technology is critical.

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Working Capital Management

Working capital management can significantly enhance profitability for successful business or ensure cash solvency during troubled times.

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Higher Education Turnaround

Higher Education is an area of deep expertise for JC Jones. There is no one size fits all solution for college turnarounds; accordingly, we tailor our approach to the unique needs of your institution, stakeholders and environment. We possess the knowledge and experience to provide distressed colleges and universities with value-add advice and support.

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